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HELP! There's a VEGAN Coming For Dinner!


KarenHELP! There's A VEGAN Coming For Dinner!

I don't know how many times over the last 30 years I've seen panic in someone's eyes when they invite me for dinner and then realise I don't eat meat. Or chicken. Or fish. Or cheese. Or eggs. To someone who doesn't eat a plant-based diet it can appear that there is NOTHING left to eat except salad. One look at me will tell you that I don't survive on lettuce - I'm not a pale, scrawny, rabbit-like creature by any stretch of the imagination. But I really do sympathise when I see friends struggle to think of something...anything....they personally eat which doesn't contain animal products of some kind. This gave me the idea to write a series of vegan cookbooks which are accessible to non-vegan cooks. There are no lectures in these books on what you should or should not eat. There's no preaching about "healthier lifestyles", environmentally responsible diets or animal welfare. But what the books do contain are tasty recipes which can be cooked and enjoyed by everyone regardless of their regular dietary habits.