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HELP! There's a VEGAN Coming For Dinner!


The Mystery of the Missing Blog

Posted 4/29/2014

Today is Tuesday. Blog day. And yet....there is no blog waiting to be posted. Despite my intensions of writing one every week (but no more than  one per week - I don’t want to be suspected of having  verbal diarrhea!) I’m sitting here looking at my files and finding nothing. Now please don’t be mistaken - I’m not apologizing or making excuses - there’s no blog because I’ve been too busy LIVING to worry about blogging. This last week has definitely supplied plenty of blog material for future posts, such as the head-jerk reaction from a meat-eater opening a bag of vegan cheese, or the omnivore who, despite my ascertains that he wouldn’t be happy with the texture, cooked a box of vegan “shrimp”.  Oh boy, did I ever laugh. But they will have to wait.

My time since the last blog has been spent driving to Toronto and back twice (putting over 2000 km on my car while doing so), rental-room hunting with my eldest son (insert the words “what the heck is that smell?” here multiple times), being scolded at tango lessons for bending my knees when walking (who would have thought it?) and taking a dance lesson on stage at the Panasonic theatre in Toronto before watching a fabulous performance of Arrabel (memo - when watching a play when the plot is totally explained through interpretive dance, read the synopsis before the play starts lol). I’ve also collected number 2 son from a train station so that he could celebrate his 20th birthday at home and have his wisdom teeth removed today, started to pack my house in anticipation of staging it ready to sell, and made considerably less progress on the Japanese cookbook than my editor would like. Phew! Yesterday I played at being a taxi driver because my husband’s car was at the dealership being fixed (I took number one son to work, husband to work, number 2 son to dentist, a friend to a dealership to retrieve her own car, brought number 1 son back from work and brought husband back from work). And my crowning achievement? Making a birthday cake for my amazing friend Margaret as she celebrates her 50th birthday today.

So, that’s why there’s no blog about vegan-y things this week. But there are, at least, pictures of a vegan cake to keep you happy until next time.

Karen :)

cake1 cake2 cake3