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HELP! There's a VEGAN Coming For Dinner!


Reviews for HELP! There's a VEGAN Coming For Dinner

By Cookie Dough on December 31, 2013

Format: Paperback
What a fabulous cookbook! It is entertaining, engaging, informative and above all - do-able.
Karen writes in a very easy, fun way and makes you want to read more. Her approach to cooking and shopping is so appreciated.
For years I had been considering becoming a vegetarian, and I can confidently say that this cookbook has been a catalyst for my decision to pursue a more vegetarian diet.
I was afraid there would not be enough recipes out there. I was so wrong! I love the way that she very clearly demonstrated the difference between the different types of tofu. That was really helpful.
The book is so great that I bought it for a friend of mine who is a nutritionist, and she loves it too.
Healthy eating By Rosemary Valeriani on December 31, 2013
Format: Paperback
A wonderful cookbook for both vegans and non-vegans!! Simple, easy and absolutely delicious! I am not vegan but I have tried some of the recipes and it certainly made me a believer that vegetarian meals can be truly flavorful and you don't even miss the meat!
First of all, I am definitely not a vegan - but my best friend is. I have hesitated to invite her to dinner as I could never think of anything to serve her. Thanks to this book I have a deeper understanding of what it means to be a vegan and what hidden ingredients to watch out for when cooking for one. The recipes are easy to follow and I have most of the ingredients in my pantry. My family really like The "Easiest Curry Ever" although I confess I did add chicken to it. This is an entertaining read and a great cookbook - and not just for Vegans.